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If you have a question or if you would like a reminder for our open house, fill in the form and we will get back to you!

Dates for open house:

Saturday 20 January 10-13

Location: Molinsgatan 6

IHGR läsåret 2022-2023
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Truly international

If you are aiming for the world, this is your perfect starting point. We are international to the core – with international teachers, students and curricula. All programs are taught in English and the academic standards are high.

Join us for a tour of the school

Please join us on a virtual tour of The International High School. Meet teachers Marlo and Peter and one of our students, Maria. Let them be your guides for a short introduction to what we do and where you can find us.

Our programmes

We offer four programmes. Regardless of which one you choose, an excellent foundation for academic studies will be built. Our students become independent, critical thinkers, well prepared for studying and working in an international environment.

The International High School is an accredited IB world school offering the IB Diploma Programme, an academically challenging and balanced international programme of education with final examinations that prepares students, aged 16 to 19, for success at university and life beyond. It has been designed to address the intellectual, social, emotional and physical well-being of students. The programme, has gained recognition and respect from the world’s leading universities

What courses will you take in PreIB?
English 5, Swedish 1, History, Biology, Chemistry, Maths 1c and Maths 2c, Modern Language and P.E.

Read the programme brochure

The Natural Science programme at The International High School is a national programme and it follows the Swedish curriculum. However all subjects, except Swedish, are taught in English. Within this programme the focus is on the natural sciences.

Becoming A Natural Science Student
Committing to be a Natural Science student will be academically challenging but also very rewarding. The programme focuses on traditional sciences such as mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology. Laboratory work is an important part of these courses. Advanced courses are offered in all these subjects. The teaching staff strive to create a learning experience and teaching methods that are not always traditional. There are several opportunities to combine academics with sports, art, programming within the individual choice subjects. Other options available to students are a higher mathematics course (maths 5), biotechnology, psychology, languages or entrepreneurship.

Read the programme brochure

The International High School Social Science Programme is a specially developed programme, taught in English, and the equivalent to the Swedish Samhällsvetenskapliga programmet.

SP International Focus

The Social Science Programme of The International High School has a truly international focus. We are the only high school in Gothenburg that offers the Swedish curriculum in English. In our subjects we focus on current events with an international focus. The Social Science Programme of The International High School will provide you with the opportunity to continue your studies abroad or in Sweden. In order for our students to apply what they learn, you will as a student at the Social Science Programme participate in different role plays, such as the UN Role Play and the European Youth Parliament (EYP). This we combine with a variety of field trips, for example to the Swedish Parliament.

Read the programme brochure

Are you interested in Social Science, but also have a passion for English? Then our PACE programme should be something to look into!

At The International High School we offer an exciting opportunity for students who wish to study university level courses in English, while in high school. This advanced programme (spets) offers an accelerated pace of learning during the courses of English 5 and 6 along with an array of extra classes in rhetorical skills, academic writing, literature and linguistics. In addition, in collaboration with The University of Gothenburg, two 7.5 point courses will be offered during year 2 and 3 of the programme. Students who want to study the Social Science Programme with Advanced Courses in English (PACE) will be asked to take an entrance exam during the spring which tests your level of English vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing skills. The results of the exam will then be combined with previous grades earned and evaluated together. Please note that applicants must meet the general requirements for entry into the Swedish Gymnasieskolan in order to be accepted into the programme. This course of studies focuses heavily on language and Social Science subjects in an integrated way and build on the school’s tradition of offering high quality educational opportunities in English in the Gothenburg Region.

Read the programme brochure

IHGR Exchange Programmes

Exchange programmes

Students come to The International High School to develop academically as well as personally. An excellent way to work on the latter is to get involved in our exchange programmes or our wide range of student activities. While the exchanges are organised by the school, most of the activities are the result of student initiative and dedication.

Our Student Exchange Programmes are linked to the curriculum and organised by the school. Students can apply to participate.

All the activities below have started with someone saying: ”We have an interest that we want to share with others; can we start a club…?”

Student Book Club
Science Lab Club
Music club
Study Club
Football Club
Basketball Club
Climate Club
The Itch (School Paper)
Student Union
Art Club
EYP – European Youth Parliament

Apart from this we also have the Ambassador Group, the official student representatives of our school. You will meet them whenever you visit us, regardless if it is during Gymnasiemässan, Open House or just spending a regular day with us!